About Marvin

Authority on preparation material for electrician license exams.



Marvin Rosenberg has been an electrician for more than 30 years with hands-on, multi-faceted experience in the electrical trade. After completing his apprenticeship in Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and Residential electrical work with the Joint Apprenticeship Council, he earned a Red Seal Certificate of Qualification. He graduated to Master Electrician and served as a Master Electrician Examiner with the Municipal Licensing and Standards Examining Board. Marvin is now Professor of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeships at George Brown College in Toronto.

Safety Dedication

Always dedicated to electrical safety Marvin became a member of the Ontario Provincial Committee, an advisory group to the Ontario Hydro Electrical Inspection Department as well as a member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. Working as an Electrical Service Inspector for more than twenty years he demonstrated his admiration for the electrical industry- always dedicated to simplifying “how to” and “why” about electrical installations and minimize risk for electricians, the workplace and for the electrical community.

Marvin Rosenberg


Marvin started part-time teaching apprentices in the 1980’s at George Brown College under the direction
of the Joint Apprenticeship Council. Always lending a hand up and giving back to the industry he has continuously trained other electricians to become instructors on their own. He believes that every electrician can learn to be a totally independent learner – to be his or her own tutor and pay that knowledge forward as a licensed journeyperson. So committed to the self tutor electrician, Marvin developed the Electrical Study Buddy Series®. This four volume set demonstrates the “how to” succeed at exam writing through learning processes such as The Skip-It System™ and The Path Of Least Resistance™ can be found in the National Library of Canada.

Marvin’s latest additions to Electrician’s License Pre-Exam independent self study have hundreds of drawings so that the questions can be understood visually. The new pre-exam materials are:

1. Construction and Maintenance Electrician Certificate of Qualification Pre -Exam Workbook
2. Construction and Maintenance Electrician Certificate of Qualification Pre -Exam Practice Questions Self Assessment Tool
3. Domestic and Rural Electrician Certificate of Qualification Pre-Exam Workbook
4. Domestic and Rural Electrician Certificate of Qualification Pre-Exam Practice Questions Self Assessment Tool
5. Master Electrician License Pre-Exam Workbook
6. Master Electrician License Pre-Exam Practice Questions Self Assessment Tool
7. Master Electrician License Pre-Exam On-line course ( in progress)
8. Electrical Trade Series: Electrical Code & Electrical Code Companion
9. Illustrated Code Series: Electrical Services & Service Equipment   Sections: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 76
10. 10 Illustrated Code Series: Electrical Sections: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 26, 28, 30, 32, 46, 62, 76



“The most rewarding component of teaching electricians occurs when the student or apprentice builds self-esteem as a result of understanding the process, the method, the system of choosing the correct answer choice – this knowledge in the Electrical Study Buddy Series is not just for the “Red Seal” or Master License; it’s for every exam an electrician is ever going to write for employment such as for the Power Authority, Safety Authority, Transit Authority, Inspection Department, and Hydro Careers.” Since publication, thousands of electricians have purchased Marvin Rosenberg’s pre-exam study material and taken courses offered by Marvin Rosenberg and his associates resulting in proud electricians achieving self esteem and strong identities.


In recognition of Marvin’s achievements, George Brown College has given Marvin the “Award for Excellence in Teaching”. Marvin’s publisher is Orderline, Canada’s premier technical publisher of the Ontario Building Code, Canadian and Ontario Electrical Codes, Construction Books and Publications. Marvin Rosenberg is the electrical course developer and advisor in the Centre for Continuous Learning (CCL) at George Brown College and continues to enjoy teaching Pre-exam courses for 309A Construction and Maintenance Electrician , 309C Domestic and Rural Electrician, and Master Electrician.